Bought this cute pin from the #UniversityofGlasgow gift shop #Malaysia #Scotland #JalurGemilang

#Latergram elephant drawings, newspaper cuttings, pics of J.K. Rowling and a torn sticker of Mr. Potter found at #theelephanthouse

#Latergram. And of course as a potterhead, we just had to go to #theelephanthouse a.k.a the ‘birthplace’ of #HarryPotter where J.K. Rowling sat and wrote the very first Potter novel. #Edinburgh #scotland

After a close call, a majority of the Scots have voted against the referendum.Nevertheless, it was interesting to witness this moment in history. #Lovescotlandvoteno #scotland

Daisies! Found on the castle grounds. (at Edinburgh Castle)

Highland Cow Hat at the #EdinburghCastle gift shop. Gerrraaammm

Day trip to #Edinburgh today. St. Andrew’s Square, Holyrood and of course, Edinburgh Castle. (sidenote: wanted to see where I could’ve been had I chosen the University of Edinburgh. All’s i can say is, Glasgow > Edinburgh!) (at Edinburgh City)

I’ve fallen in love with Glasgow, the accent, the shortbread and everything in between. Now I’m in love with the #UniversityofGlasgow #UofG #UGFW #hogwarts (at University of Glasgow Main Campus)

'What do we want?' 'INDEPENDENCE' 'When do we want it?' 'NOW!' The other party during a demonstration in the city square before the Scottish Independence Referendum. #glasgow (at George Square)