Last Lines; Harry Potter books

wait what,

the last book released in 2007?!



This is becoming a fat raccoon blog, not really, but they are everything

Anonymous asked: "You are too gorgeous!"

Thank you anon! :)


Anonymous asked: "Hey Aminah! Just wondering, what's your shoe size? Because I have big feet too and I was wondering where I could buy decent shoes."

Hello Anon! :)

I wear size 41 or US 9.5 shoes. I used to buy size 40 / US 9 because that’s the biggest size most stores carry. But certain types of shoes need to be a size bigger than that in order for it to fit properly for me. I usually buy shoes at Aldo, Nine West, Payless Shoe Source (located at Paradigm Mall) Clarks, Hush Puppies and occasionally stores such as MNG because they almost always carry size 41 shoes. 

Happy Shopping!


» 'She' - Elvis Costello

One of my absolute favourite songs. Its on repeat in my head this morning.



Good Vibes HERE


Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

Anonymous asked: "Do you wear the outfits like the ones on your polyvore?"

Hey anon,

I don’t wear the exact same things. But I use it as a sort of reference when it comes to deciding what to wear. Most times, I have no idea how to accessorize or pair an article of clothing, so I play around with polyvores for inspiration.